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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are on the day. break. continue. taking place in.
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the. screen international news in. britain say they're not ruling out any options in syria including a military. that. is currently discussing the crisis with turkey also pushing for the creation of a new york. has the latest details for. joining us live from new york has the international community come. to reaching a consensus on how to handle this crisis. well there's no there's been no change in terms of where the security council stands on the crisis in syria and it remains very much divided what is different about the
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meeting taking place in new york this high level ministerial meeting is the fact that there's at least nine foreign ministers taking part in it and there are also representatives from turkey lebanon and jordan also voicing their own concerns about the syrian crisis specifically about the amount of syrian refugees that have spilled over into their countries due to the violence that's been escalating in syria for about a year and a half now as you mentioned turkey addressed the security council asking for there to be a buffer zone set up within syria this is an idea that has already been denied by the syrian government also by russia and china which say that these buffer zones would just create a conflict or escalate the conflict because it would also it would pave the way for some intervention on the part of the military people from other countries
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protecting these buffer zone zones in syria and also the u.n. deputy secretary general also said that the proposal of buffer zones seriously are raise concerns and require careful and critical consideration so at this meeting right now you have all these countries that are taking part giving their solutions to the syrian crisis calling for more humanitarian assistance as you mentioned france has called for the consideration of a partial no fly zone but it doesn't appear that there will be any type of resolution put forth at the meeting taking place in new york but marina there have been some pretty strong statements now coming from some world powers just recently to tell us more about. there sure have been and these are statements that have been getting louder louder over the past week now with the foreign ministers of britain and france are at the united nations right now and they are
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saying that they have already spearheaded plans or encouraged the opposition in syria to put together a provisional type of government and also have called on all those that are serving in the syrian military now soldiers officials to defect and they are encouraging britain and france say they are encouraging for more defectors to come out in syria how they are encouraging that movement is not clear just last week we also heard u.s. president barack obama say that washington would intervene militarily into syria if if damascus were to use chemical or biological weapons against its citizens the syrian government has never not so far made a public statement in the sense that they would use that their their weapons against citizens in any circumstance but it's it's clear some are saying that the
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west is pumping up its rhetoric and getting more aggressive against syria we do know that after the last resolution was vetoed by russia and china in the security council the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said that a washington and its allies will now consider how they will handle the syrian situation outside of the united nations and outside of the security council was there that will be unilateral action that remains to be seen but clearly these are intense discussions that are taking place the security council here in new york. thanks very much indeed for that report now reporting from new york well as the u.n. security council is still discussing the situation in syria britain it seems could be willing to move ahead with an intervention even without the un's approval something that marina's just touched on the foreign minister william hague said that the need to enforce a no fly zone over the country is not being ruled no even without the security council's authorization. that has told me earlier that turkey's proposal for
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a safe zone is nothing but a cover for intervention. it's in this region obviously has to do with the refugees spilling over from syria into turkey and in the region in which they going which is a had a region where it's going to room is one of the main port cities there actually historically this was stolen from syria in one hundred thirty nine by the turks in a in a dirty game with the french against syria just a bit of historical context of that but this spillover into turkey has create all kinds of problems for tokyo and it really if we see the way turkey has employed is diplomacy and foreign policy in the region in the last a year year and a half two years we can see that nothing has come to the benefit of turkey it's very disconcerting white so he is taking this call this course because there's no benefits twitt whatsoever and the only benefit of turkey's action that we can see is for is for nato and its and its and its western allies so the question really
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has that we are asked is really where is the dignity and self-respect of the turkish state currently another point just coming back to turkey has to be made in turkey and the financial times reported this today that there was a poll conducted on thursday in turkey two thirds of the turkish population are against the turkish government's policy in relation to syria with the kurdish issue which is continuing to boil for for the turkish state anyone with any sense of independence and multilateralism and multiple arity really push the talks to look at their own interests and the interest lies were having peaceful positive relations with iran iraq and syria and the rest of its neighbors rather than playing the stalking horse for mates what. was still ahead for you this hour here in r.t. a look at the roots of radicalism investigate the spread of islamic extremism in russia and whether it's being fueled from abroad perhaps in a few minutes here on our team. but first the syrian delegation is walked out of the session of the nonaligned movement in tehran after gyptian leader mohamed morsi
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called the wrist syrian regime oppressive in his speech morsi out of that assad's government had lost its legitimacy and urged attending nations to support the rebels and the war activists sara flounders has told me that morsi is trying to do america's bidding he didn't want to see the meeting go ahead. there was an all out effort to stop this made in an all out effort to blockade iran itself and to stop any country from having any economic political relations with iran whatsoever so over the very fact that one hundred and twenty nations thirty five heads of state have come to tehran for this raid it is an extremely short of them now will they all agree with each other no i don't think so. will this be a voice and a possibility for the future i think that intentional is still there but we should
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be aware that there's a big pressure. very much so on every one of the i'm treaties i can understand fully syria walking out the let's say our flight they say absolutely. there's every effort of the u.s. to intervene and they're already intervening now their threats of the no fly zone arks really dangerous it's on. as the eurozone is failing to break free of its crippling economic crisis the leader of powerhouse germany is eyeing profit in the east on a visit to china chancellor angela merkel is aiming to convince me that europe is still a safe place to invest with billions worth of business deals having already been signed. has the details. i'm no stranger to china this is her trip to the country since she came to power in two thousand and five and there's going to be some big business to be talked about during this trip it's not just politicians. visit
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a group of twenty in the delegation including people like siemens. to show that the eurozone still. to invest in china has its own vested interest in seeing the eurozone stick together europe is china's biggest export market so there will be support. keeping the monetary union together but just expect some kind words they shouldn't be any cash coming forward from china to help the ailing eurozone. special relationship between germany and china. people in brussels who feel. when you look at the figures you can see why some nations would be feeling like they're not getting a slice of the trade between the two countries. to around two hundred. billion dollars by the twenty fifteen well the reason that the to make such good economic bedfellows at the moment is that germany produces the machinery needed to
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china. germany china as a growing market. drying up from within. the people simply having the cash to buy within the european union and within the monetary union so will be. the bill when it comes. to the chinese leadership will be underlining the meeting is. that germany needs china far more right now than china needs germany. china. spain to go through with reforms and budget cuts to get back on track. the european council on foreign relations has told me that he believes china's input could be key in stabilizing europe. the big hope in europe is that the chinese would invest in some of the new vehicles that have been crazy like the
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european stability mechanism. the chinese. offer lots of words of support today and yesterday but not much in the way of concrete promises to buy bonds in any case the chinese don't tend to make their bond purchases public so we don't know for example how much the chinese invested in european bones in the last two years since the euro crisis began anyway and we probably know. there's a lot of there's a lot of uncertainty about in the case of their boss obviously this is a european company and so it would benefit not just germany but also france and other countries in europe but lots of the deals that have been signed. off for german companies are all going to european companies and so in that sense there is a competition going on between germany and other european countries and the only generally seems to be winning that competition. the killing of
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a spiritual leader of muslims by an islamic extremist is being seen as another sign of a steady rise in radicalism in russia the attack came on tuesday when a female suicide bomber entered the clerics home disguised as a pilgrim and blew herself up concern is also being fueled by. figures in the republican. some experts believe the roots of extremism all the way to the middle east but others say the threat from islamic hatred could become even stronger you got to report. the trip to work that turned to tragedy. he was driving when a series of blasts threw him from his car the man who's been openly against the spread of radical ideas among the lever survived to find his deputy was shot dead in another part of town investigators still don't know the exact motivation behind the attack but the spotlights now on the other stun most people here are muslim and that gets mentioned more and more when it comes to the spread of radical islam in
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washington. some of the local muslim communities are financed by arab families from states where it is an official religion because the money has to be worked off and they demand the ideology is spread here. like a business is one of the most fundamental branches of islam it strongly advocated in saudi arabia which backs it up with billions of dollars of support across the muslim world its followers often oppose all other religions sometimes even calling for jihad holy war against them but abysmal or any other radical movement of us lot of course not part of the official religion here but i see different ideas often taught in smaller mosques hidden from the mainstream. like this one former house rebuilt into a mosque in one of many apartment blocks we aren't it's the moms denying radical but admit they do not support their stance official branches of islam. we don't divide brother muslims and there can be no radicalism no terrorism these are words
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only used by prove a kidders who want to discredit as. we were told here believers are taught to sincerely any quality there are no longer up held in modern society with justice can only be achieved through islam and when someone says islam is the only fan way of life and social order that called radical or extremist and what's the punishment for stealing the hand is chopped off and not the kind of punishment you'd find in russia's criminal code nevertheless such ideas are reportedly gaining more support among young muslims for some experts it could be partly to blame on how the list of banned extremist literature was thrown together. often in books by classical world famous authors a band or even some of prophet muhammad saints how can we expect muslims to react and of course the radicals use this to gain influence. of course start our son is
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a long way from becoming engulfed by the worst of the radical islam how the state reacts to the spread of extremism is now key the wrong moves could only resource and the situation you've got is going to have our t. doesn't understand. it's come under the spotlight again this time as two women were found dead in their flat with the words free pussy riot written on the wall above them apparently in blood it's being treated as murder both the elderly woman and the middle aged daughter died from multiple stab wounds authorities are investigating whether the killer was a supporter of pussy riot of the band of already described it as a provocation three members of the russian punk band would jailed earlier this month for two years for performing a so-called punk prayer in the country's cathedral. what is. working twenty four seven to provide you with the best stories and videos from around the world and here's a quick look at what we have for you on the website at the moment. a way to have
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idea of a service engineer is now being put into practice about plans to boldly build an elevator into space plus. the massive massive. global with relaxation and at this from breaking see the video in full. and you can catch. you tube channel. where the russian crew that have been seized by pirates off the west coast of africa has been freed none of the twenty four people on board were hurt that's according to the russian foreign ministry. some of the oil made their escape the vessel was seized on tuesday after an exchange of gunfire with security forces. continue its voyage. some other stories making headlines around the world a rocket attack in eastern afghanistan killed five civilians while they're waiting
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by the side of the road for a bus on the same day the australian government announced the deaths of five troops three afghan soldier turned his gun on them inside a military base with two others killed when the helicopter rolled over while landing circled insider attacks. in the country. investigation of the billions it raised from middle eastern investors and. ate it suspected of not making clear how much of. the financial crisis. which banks. reputation. after they were accused of breaking sanctions imposed.
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more than a day in. the. one hundred fifty people. investigated for safety violations accidents. people in china. twenty six of the show believed to be the events most watched the competition. with over four thousand athletes from around the globe taking the first event. including . the people in the.
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well today we're joined by sister agnes mariam of the cross she's founded a christian community and i'm on a street in damascus she's been living there and working there for the last twelve years thank you very much a sister for joining us today my first question is you've been there for twelve years working in damascus in syria iran different areas has there been a difference in your work throughout those years and in the recent months that
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we've seen uprising and violence of course we have been facing. the n.d.t. evolving to get more and more of that as you can pick you know it's really in the central head and. it's so for us it was new because we were. put into this position of the smallest. since nineteen ninety four and we really. appreciate. the security team in syria it's a cute cord which is imposed somehow. by regime which is very strong good and sometimes it kind of. again but never does and this. is that everybody was living in security.
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now were when the events begin. raise we were very happy because really also wanted felt that the that is a need for a chance but the fact we are very quickly. we got bad news. from. the witnesses. in i would have a offices in homs. and also from damascus in that out. where what to do is it messes with civilians without any political. positions and you know they were counting on us telling our story as it were expected the contrary of what we were seeing on the television so we took position for. objective truth. real information
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and also for sunday that it because slowly by slowly you had to help opposition where you had. people detained so you were also helping the opposition yes it's what we call in terry our opposition the civilian a pushy or position which is not under any party and that i'm not out of. you have you have always until today a peaceful demonstration ok. so we had you know i would have. to free to set free people. also if there is a need of humanitarian help even we had the opposition meeting in our monastery and as a first appeal for the bailout and that of course in geisha and was a monastery i'm sure you're very well aware of all the criticism that has been thrown your way what is your relationship with the assad regime. if you know we
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have nor the nation's ship with a. religious entity and our of footy is that it's not political. it's not even civilian you know we had mainstream report that came to syria and for iran for a while i went with them on the scene you know but in the january. in december i asked him to do a position where the good leader would already implemented and so i could have an idea as an eyewitness and in the beginning we did not even know who were source people and we said said those people there were. identified.
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gangs you know we said we don't know who they are but they are spreading. these sort of the killings abducting and many kind you know of metal odds. to destabilize a country and all you saw to implement a kind of punishment for a civil war for example they would kill. very targeted targeted for example when they would came along with i have seen. in almost. a flock. for of blood. because in the day before. people you know source and i did then defied gangs have been beheading nine i know with people just because they were and always i have seen this with my eyes and i talked to the population of the sunni population whom do you thing has has
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perpetrated this they didn't know they said they were wearing like soldiers but do you think that there is still loyal followers or do what do you want me to do i cannot shut up if if if nobody is reporting this i feel that if i know it and i do not report it i am helping. criminals to continue that away and after even if human rights watch begin to talk about things perpetrated by. i feel that saying that he's a few needed to the opposition that we're doing things against humanity but the. opposition. doesn't want. they want to change but. and.
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